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Shekhina's Story

"Think for yourself" is something I was raised with. My parents once told me that it was their goal to raise their children as rugged individualists, by teaching us how to think, instead of teaching us what to think. And that very minute was a wonderful moment of enlightenment for me. My Grandfather taught me well when he said, "It is a sharp and ready mind which will turn and run from one who 'has found' the 'truth' ”! For it is only in the searching that the quest will be made manifest. So seek out those who are questing for truth and you will find those of like mind." And I, too, have found that my exposure and introduction to Troubled Times and ZetaTalk has made one of the greatest impressions on me that ever I have felt. It is like finding a gem that once you had, but lost. And now you come upon it once more, at which time its value is exceedingly higher than when you first had it.

I feel that there are no "chance" meetings and those with whom I am most comfortable are those who think and feel the same way I do. That is why I wanted to take this time out to thank all of you for what you are doing and what you are planning to do in the coming times. Although I have not communicated much here, I have been reading all the postings. In knowing that we are all called together in these times, I understand that many have been "called out" from the everyday function-to-function society and we are all blessed with various gifts to use during these times of global chaos. The only hope for the future is the Awakening of the now!

And I give thanks to Great Spirit for guiding me to this road and thanks to the Angels of Light for illuminating this path! I have copied an attachment here for those who wish to read it. This is a poem that I wrote, about the first moments of my transmutation and my total awakening to the reality that I had been "called out" into this wonderful and spiritually enlightened realm. On that note, I am pleased to be here and look forward to a long and beautiful relationship with all you people on the Troubled Times mailing list. May the White Light of Great Spirit Shine ever upon Your Path, as you set out in your quest on The Good Red Road.

Offered by Shekhina.