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Paul's Story

Around about 1990, I started getting very interested in all things 'alternative' so to speak, I spent a great deal of time reading books about UFO's, ancient gods, pyramids, prophecy, etc., and whilst enjoyable, very few of them were able to provide any definitive information. Hundreds of theories, yes, but they failed to arouse my dormant inner knowledge to any significant degree. However, I was able to find one source which was particularly intriguing, the readings of Edgar Cayce. So why was it, that I found the teachings of a modest American photographer far more truthful and enlightening than any of his contemporaries ? I've no doubt that you all know the answer to that question as well as I do - intuition. Its like 're-learning' something you've always known, like meeting an old friend that you haven't seen for years and years, and recalling tales you'd long forgotten. I enjoyed his readings very much but I somehow felt that there was still so much more to be discovered, so much had changed since his day and the 'Alien' issue in particular was something he had barely touched upon. I then joined the Internet and spent the first few weeks just surfing about aimlessly, looking at all the interesting UFO/Alien/Crop Circle sites or the 'weirdo' sections, as my friends like to call them!

I wasn't actively (consciously) looking for anything in particular but suddenly, via a harmless looking link, I came across this intriguing little Alien face and the title 'ZetaTalk' ?! What's all this then, I thought to myself ?? So, I started to read .... and I read some more .... then some more .... and I probably don't need to tell you how I felt as most of you have had the same experience! :-) Yep, I finally found what my inner feelings had been aching to find for so many years, and I knew exactly how Archimedes must have felt too! :-) My entire intuition was screaming 'truth' and I knew as deep as my soul could fathom, that I had finally reached journeys end. Any other source after this would be purely supplemental, and I felt confident that if an important issue needed addressing then ZetaTalk would most likely be the place where it could be resolved. I can't thank Nancy and the Zeta's enough for their tremendous industry and help, without them I wonder what many of us would be doing today.

Now I run the risk of sounding a little sheepish here, but I assure you that I'm actually quite an astute and practical person, who isn't easily swayed, but as I'm sure many of you will agree, ZetaTalk tends to draw a 'like' mindset who share similar beliefs, and who possess an instinctive desire to address the issues facing mankind in the coming years. I don't believe it's by accident that we have all congregated here, just look at the many different nationalities on this discussion group already, and there are probably even more who are still waiting in the wings, as I have been. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and keenly follow all avenues of news I can find covering everything to do with the future course of our World. I feel passionately about the protection of democratic rights, freedom of speech, and the welfare of every fellow human. Additionally, I am saddened and dismayed by the actions of some humans whose deeds I cannot even begin to comprehend. The recent massacres in Algeria highlight the almost unbelievable level of evil some people possess. These actions are not attributable to the self defense mechanism of blind rage, but instead seem to demonstrate the darkest examples of pre-meditated and motiveless murder.

Whilst the arrival of the 12th Planet is deeply regrettable in so many ways, it will have some benefits in that it will totally scupper the plans of the NWO as well as relegating the very rich to the same level as the rest of Humankind. However, I think this is small consolation for the terrible die off that will occur amongst humans and of course, the billions of animals who will also become embroiled in the cataclysms, and I'm saddened at the prospect of losing some of the Worlds most beautiful species forever. I know I should probably be more 'philosophical' about the events to come and I do fully appreciate that for the human souls it will be a challenging and even exciting time, but I still can't help feeling sad about the misery and loss of life that will effect every living organism on our Planet. I have to start making some plans soon though as England is likely to go the same way as Atlantis! :-) I think TT is going to prove invaluable to me over the coming months and years and I look forward to making new friends at the same time.

Offered by Paul.