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Michel's Story

I write because I know you will listen with your mind, for you judge me not unwise, while you still maintain a serious edge on the matter which does this future that awaits us just. In my voice sounds the pain of my heart, but you won't need to hear this to know this because you have found the same at those moments when you make yourself heard in this place.

This list is made strong by those who make themselves noticed, no matter the reason, for in the perspective of what is to come only the results are important. I know that this importance thrusts us to contribute, as it satisfies three needs. The first need is the need for safety, the second the need for attention and the third the need for purpose. I have entertained myself with the thought that this is a selfish thing, but eventually I reached the conclusion that this is not the case. The described needs point to the needs of the self as well as the needs of the other. These needs are those things which keep us alive. And so again, as with all things, it lays within the heart of the individual if their presence on this list is for primary the self-satisfaction that they seek, or for an equal amount of satisfying the needs of others. The need to be safe, to survive through the troubled times ahead. The need for attention, to be heard, listened to, understood, accepted and loved for who one is and what one does. The need for purpose, to be enabled to contribute oneself to such a honorably important goal.

This is the millennium project which shall put it's stamp on the history of humankind. I am impressed at what we already have achieved if you keep in mind that our level of existence, this so-called 3rd density, presents us with enough distractions to make some turn their backs on this list eventually, even disregarding the message altogether. I know that this list also has another honorable side effect, our work stimulated each other in a way that it changes each and everyone into a more flexible, caring and loving individual. This list works as a school in more than one way and I know I can speak for all when I say that our membership is something to be proud of. The 4th density in the service-to-other orientation already lives inside our hearts.

Offered by Michel.