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Pat's Story

The path that led me to Troubled Times began in the late 70's after reading a collection of books written by Zechariah Sitchin. Appropriately called "The Earth Chronicles," these books expounded upon the written history of our ancestors and profoundly altered my perception of history as we understand it today. I started my reeducation by examining Sitchin's sources that has spanned the last 20 years.

I am no one special. I have never been abducted, never seen a UFO nor spoken to an entity through channeling. I never finished high school and led the rebellious life of the sixties. I've seen and done many strange things, but all in all I'd say no stranger or wilder than those of that era. I eventually settled down and started a family. The influence of Sitchin's first book, "The 12th Planet," had me wondering about this rogue planet's return and it's effect on the future of my children.

I found myself studying and reading just about everything that we as a species have discovered. I read up on many subjects, from astronomy to the Big Bang, from quantum physics to zero point theories, from atheism to all the worlds' religions. I've read about UFOs, government cover-ups, secret societies, ancient history and their texts, new age technology, survivalism, and our own current history. I made the effort to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of whom and what we are. I'm still reading and learning. As they say, knowledge is power and the use of knowledge brings freedom, though simultaneously it can enslave you.

When my husband and I purchased a computer and hooked up to the net this year, my education began in earnest. You can never learn too much. What you discover today will probably change on you by tomorrow; this is the nature of education. It is an unending spiral that gains a little more knowledge of itself with each rotation. You must be open and willing to evaluate the lesson, and to integrate it into your reality. To grow you must be willing to hold your beliefs to the light for examination. Explore and accept the changes that warrant a different perspective.

When I discovered Troubled Times during a search on the web, I was intrigued by their mission statement and examined their site thoroughly along with the links. I found ZetaTalk to be especially informative because it stated much of what I uncovered on my own. The Zetas also revealed an array of insights I never considered before. This does not mean that they have all the answers, but it does make a damn good starting point! I found membership with Troubled Times extremely fulfilling and my interaction with the other members stimulating. With their sense of purpose and drive, I know if anyone is going to survive, it will be this group and those who follow their examples.

There is much to assimilate in Troubled Times and from its gracious members. Even if the "12th Planet" does not make its pass known (which I doubt), there is enough disturbing evidence of negative global forces. It's time for all good people to make prudent changes and careful preparations. There are enough ongoing signs for major upheavals in the environment, the government, and even in one's interaction with the common "man" on the street. It doesn't matter anymore what the "catalyst" is, it being God, Man, Alien or Comet. It has been initiated and there is no stopping it or turning back. Now I know how "Noah" felt when he gave last Call!

You can only act on what you know so why not begin your education today. Explore these realms and others to see what you can uncover for yourself. It may sometimes appear endless and chaotic, but you will see patterns emerge. You will find certain subjects leading back to an original source. Treasure those sources and expand upon them. Once you start this process you will not want to stop. You will see how every "thing" is just about connected to every "other thing," even if only to an opposing view. Share what you learn with others. Together we will deal with challenges we encounter the same way as our ancestors did, with insight and perseverance!

Your friend and comrade into the next millennium,