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Lyn's Story

Little girl, exploring the Arizona desert, found a child-sized hole in the ground. Curious, she climbed in and found a "monkey" in a small underground room waiting to play with her. She was delighted and the memory of that wonderful time stayed with her as she grew up. Later on, through meditation, she would remember other rooms and other "playmates" that she met that day. Then she asked the Zetas about this, and more memories came. Then it all made sense. It was the beginning of her lifelong contact with aliens. Her work with Troubled Times has been a culmination of a lifetime of such experiences. That person is me and I am still a long way off from completing the awakening process. ZetaTalk gave this process the much needed boost it needed to continue. Scared? Confused? Disbelieving? Yup! Is this normal? Yup! If you care to travel this road with me, feel free to join. The only thing you need to bring is an open mind and lots of courage.

Offered by Lyn.