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Clipper's Story

I can remember when I was about 19 or 20 years old. I was driving a concrete mixer to a customers house that was about 20 or so miles away. I can remember driving along and thinking that I still had about 10 miles to go to get there. The next thing I remember is "waking up" and pulling into the customer’s driveway. This is not something I forgot over time, I can remember to this day, that as I pulled into that driveway, I knew I had a time lapse where there was no memory, then and there! I was at the job, I knew I drove there, but I had no memory of the last 10 miles.

The second strangest thing that has happened to me started when my family and I lived in our cabin in Alaska. Sometime during the night, I got this feeling of being held down. I tried to get up, I tried to scream, but I couldn't. Don't remember how I got out of this one. This happened again after we moved from our cabin into town to our apartment. Same situation, but this time I felt a presence (but saw no one or thing), I could not get up and it scared the hell out of me. This happened once more. I remember laying there and being kind of awake and I knew where I was. I could see the bedroom walls and such. I remember the feeling of being held or tied down again and I could not move, could not scream until I gave a very strong try and yelled "Jesus!" and I sat up. I got up and had some coffee and thought about what had happened. I thought I had dreamed it, but this had happened three times and I knew I did not.

My thoughts on the coming events of the Pole Shift are very emotional. When I first joined the Troubled Times group and after I had read all the information in ZetaTalk and Troubled Times, I had decided that I could serve others better by receiving the "lift" from the Zeta's during the worst hours during the Pole Shift. I could then return and be relatively unharmed, able to care for others better. Later, I realized that my wife and kid's may not get the lift or they may choose not to, or they may not care because I think sometimes they just humor me and agree with crazy ol dad.

Now I get this gut wrenching feeling of absolute guilt, gnawing in the pit of my stomach every time I think of my wife and kid's by themselves during this time of hell on earth. I have decided that I will not leave them now. If they all go, I'll go. If one has to stay, I will stay. I envision their eyes and hear their cries - Daddy! I will be there to hold one or all. Screw the world at that moment.

Lot's of things used to bother me and confuse me, and they still do. Now that I know about the Zeta's and Troubled Times and I have friends in the group who care and feel as I do, a lot of things have come to light, including my orientation of service to others.

My friend also told me stories of how he wakes up at night and has the same feelings of being tied down that I used to have. He can't get up and can't scream out. Exactly like my episodes that I described. He told me first and knew nothing of my experiences. He says he screams out but his wife says he sounds like he is mumbling in his sleep. This proves that he is outside of his mind when this is happening, no one else is aware. He is one of those people that I feel comfortable with, like I have known him for a long time. In reality only 1 1/2 years. Has this happened to you?

Offered by Clipper.