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It is great that you want to help us and have joined us to do just that. Let me give you some advise, don't let any contribution impress you, never give in to relating what you can do and what others do in here. Some are doing nothing, some are doing a lot, some are doing this and some are doing that. To make it as simple as it really is: What can you do? Do what you can! Everybody in here is doing just that, what one can do.

I sometimes just surf the Troubled Times web site, just reading this and that. Because I can make nice graphics I look at times where a graphic would do nicely. I am spiritual and empathic, I have experienced things and use all of this to add some new section for instance on emotions. Or I write something about what I feel, think or whatever and at times see something useful in my writings to be of benefit to others, so I adjust the text for others to read and send it off to the tt-list. You can do whatever you think is useful for others who come to this Troubled Times site. We expect nothing and in that way are always surprised in a positive manner when a contribution is send in and is truly useful.

Most times surfing the Troubled Times site and trying to imagine what you would need is enough to sprout an idea. Perhaps you could join a team or make a new one on a subject that we even haven't thought about 'till you mentioned it. Take your time. When you occupy your mind with the pole shift then ideas will more easily pop up than you might expect from yourself! I don't know if you study or work, perhaps you have knowledge of certain things that others have not, you will have to find out if you don't know. Be yourself.

Offered by Michel.