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icon Eating Bugs and Worms

July 13, 1997

Worm and bug recipes need to be developed and tried out. There are web sites with these, but if a daily diet of this is maintained, what are the problems? For instance, does one get chronic diarrhea. The diet must be able to be maintained by the common man, too. If a chemist did an analysis on the nutrition in such a diet, this would help fine tune this solution, find out what else may be needed in the diet.

October 6, 1996

The foremost earthworm advocate here in the US is Jim McNeeley. His big thing is to use them for recycling organic waste. Vital Earth uses an earthworm application that is a waste conversion to high grade organic fertilizer.

October 6, 1996

Regarding eating earthworms. I did a prototype many years ago to clean, dry, and powder them. Very high protein and no taste when added to other stuff. Makes good cookies and bread. You have to purge them like snails, which I do grow for eating. After all a snail is a top shelf grazer. I've been actually eating lots of insects, usually raw, and making notes on their taste, i.e. the common moth tastes almost identical to a little grass.