icon Depression

December 17, 1995

Major depression will be rampant as a result of so much loss - any suggestions on how to deal with that? Best thing to fight off depression is to keep people busy, organize and assign work, group support, party when not working, songs, music, etc. Major depression is a chemically based disease. It may be that we will have to treat major depression like they did in the old days. Just watch folks closely and let it run it's course. It does run its course. I read an article that said treated, x weeks, untreated x weeks, something like that. Problem is that many sufferers become suicidal and don't survive the course. For Major Depression, as brutal as it sounds, ECT equipment and how to operate it (comes from one book) is the initial answer. Expensive; but not that expensive. Simple to. Suicidal, yes, they will have to be watched. Stockpile straight jackets. Put them all in the same place, no pants so they can potty themselves easy. Make them sing to each other, tell each other stories - continuous group therapy. I think metal illness, depression, is going to be 50%. Physical injuries may even take a back seat. Look at the loss! Folks will be grieving, not only over lost loved ones. Jobs, security, car, routine, status - loss!

January 14, 1996

Well, in the old days, old folks were involved, had roles, and there is an extremely strong correlation to being and feeling needed and staying mentally alert and physically strong, in the old. The mind and emotions are so important to our health status.

May 12, 1996

I think a big part of what we could add is recipes. People focus on meals for more than just food. Its a social hour, and something to look forward to.