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May 12, 1995

Best bet on safe places is for each responsible person to read what is written about what the dangers are, what safety precautions to take, and then make a decision based on their personal life.

February 18, 1996

Will those who prepare be overrun by those wanting to just be taken care of, just ahead of time? ... Perhaps the answer is to present, among the solutions, self-help packets. You know, like anyone can afford this, taken this and help yourself! I think that there will be thousands of small farms, each setting up for a small group. I anticipate giving out seed, fishlings, how-to instructions, etc., and helping folks set up. An ongoing helping hand of that nature. I'm talking afterwards, for those who did not prepare.

June 9, 1996

The thing to do about last minute folks is to have the very minimum as a self-help packet. Seeds, Vitamin C, etc., instructions. Something that would cost $100, at cost, and that would be provided at a site local to them.

October 6, 1996

I wonder if there will be organized groups, with the best of intentions, who get taken over by either the government or the establishment or just plain mean minded sorts. I think the smaller groups would be better, as then you can get to know each member, and maybe can become aware if a service to self member is in the crowd. In a large group, how can you get to know everyone?

October 6, 1996

Then there may be the organized groups that have anything but good intentions! For instance, set up a group, attract good hearted hard-working sorts, and use them! In the end, the controlling folks who set it up kick out the contributors. I've had a thought about that - at the last minute folks who contributed their money go to the site, only to find nothing there!

December 15, 1996

Diagrams showing the parts of these things, and how they work, should be developed, like the diagrams showing how to do spinning and weaving, showing the basic concepts and moving parts, etc. So that someone could build one if necessary. I think we need this same basic diagrams on the gist of how things work on many level, like electricity storage and the like. Light bulbs, when we figure out how to create them at a survival site. We need diagrams showing folks how to construct them. And think of computers! If the parts break, how will folks communicate!