icon Prototype

February 18, 1996

We need to have prototype sites, so that all this can be worked out ahead of time. Small farms that grown fish in tanks or ponds, hydroponic vegies, growing larva in humus beds, windmills, etc. Practice what we preach, live that way, prove it can be done. Also, determine what works best! Actually living at one, or doing part of this activity and reporting on results.

May 12, 1996

There should be a way to build a sample survival center somewhere - a prototype to practice on without being "discovered". Why not? Nothing to stop one. I think there will be many, many of these secret sites.

October 6, 1996

I though to start a training or research site, and test what we recommend. I plan to make video clips, put them on the Internet, etc.

December 15, 1996

Maybe one person has a windmill, and reports in detail on what it produces for them, etc., reports on what type of equipment they use, take pictures that we convert to .gif and put on the Internet. Maybe another one has a hydroponic bed, recycles the water and reports in detail on at what point they have to add acid or lime to the water or whatever to keep the pH balance correct. So, prototype sites don't have to be the whole thing. However, that's more or less what I want to establish, the whole thing.