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March 17, 1996

Internet communication very important. We will teach each other through the wires!

May 12, 1996

I see perhaps an Internet type of communication, with dishs on high points linking up. Short wave radio might be a great short term solution. If folks agree ahead of time on the channels, etc. Long distance communication I think will be down and gone. Without satellite linkups in the sky, which will be torn out of the sky, there won't be any physical way to communicate across the oceans.

June 9,1996

When we have a prototype site up,we can make a video of it, as the Internet is going in this direction - film clip shorts. Rove around the site, talking and filming, and put up shorts on this or that technique for folks to select on the Internet.

Sept 8, 1996

The roads torn up, the bridges down, new waterways where we don't expect them, etc. No planes to fly, runways torn up and planes dashed and fuel running out - computers will be important! Computers, individual servers with dishes pointed at each other so they can telecom to each other - this will be a means of communicating to each other afterwards.

Sept 10, 1996

A Ham radio operator with 100 watts of power (say stored by bicycle generator to a 12 volt deep cycle battery) can communicate using code, voice, and the equivalent of the internet, around the world. A specialty within Ham radio is referred to as QRP, which must use LESS than 5 watts. With 0.05 watts one can communicate with australia from mississippi. This sort of communications is common and the equipment plentiful and relatively inexpensive.

Sept 10, 1996

Utalizing antennas which transmit with narrow beam patterns, undesired detection is possable; but unlikely. Also there are lots of ways to put the transmitter/receiver at a location remote from the community and control it remotely; and for digital communication lots of encryption schemes are being used every day on the internet for commerce transactions.

Sept 10, 1996

Immediately after the Pole Shift I'm sure that HF radio communications would be totally disrupted due to the effect of the 12th planet on the ionisphere. In any case, ground wave and vhf/uhf would not be effected and communities within a hundred miles or so of each other would be able to use that. This technology is available on any HF Ham radio.