icon Sustenance

February 18, 1996

Practical = survival. What good does it so to be prepared emotionally when you are dead? One has to think of long term because everything will be destroyed and supplies will run out. Thinking long term is so difficult because we don't know what the planet will be like and what resources we will have. Think housing, food, medical supplies, everything you might need. Survival means eat, means food, means raising crops, hunting, fishing, seeds.

February 18, 1996

Many Third World countries have houses on stilts, which after the PS will be just the thing. Continuous rains, etc.

April 29, 1996

How are we going to run the lights? What lights should we use? The best lights are HPS or MH, they come in 75, 175, 400 and 1000 watts and take around 15 amps. They put out a lot of light but suck power. Floressence are no good for growing plants, they have HO (high output) and they also have VHO (very HO) but that takes too much power too. I guess a hydro generator would work but a people powered bike is not going to work...

May 12, 1996

A comprehensive solution set is what is needed, where it is not just spotty, but covers all aspects of survival. For instance, if folks are told to gather batteries and canned food, but not about the long term, it does them little good ultimately. The batteries will die, and the food run out, and then what! Likewise if they are prepared to grow food with worms and mushrooms at a minimum, they will have calories and protein, but will be vitamin deficient.

July 14, 1996

Medicines can be made from common household stuffs. Maybe we could look for some info how the Native Americans helped those who where wounded etc., the things they used ... They found a lot of medicines etc. in nature. Penicilin came from the Indians. I heard you could treat various of diseases with a mixture of garlic and vodka. What about eastern type medicine, like Chinese medicine. They use a lot of natural ingredients ... mushroom, etc. We could take a variety of common stuffs and mixed them for treating various injuries ... illnesses.

July 14, 1996

You know, in the short term, for electricity, the bike rack arrangement would be great! Also, gives those who don't know how else to help something to do. Tell the kids, stop whining and get on the bike and pedal, talk to the kid next to you about things, etc. Good exercise too. Dad says, "pump, pump!" And the kids see what the results are, they'll be part of the solution, feel needed, always a good thing, brings families together.