icon Replacement Parts

January 14, 1996

There is a need to be able to replace any parts needed. This must be addressed just as growing food will need to be addressed.

May 01, 1996

Broken light bulbs without replacement parts, they're all so fragile. We need durable light bulbs. What does the military use? They have hardy of everything, don't they? 12 volt electrical is the most practical.

July 14, 1996

What about making yarn from rabbit furs? Need to get info on how to make yarn from various furs, though the spinning technique is the same. However, I think that fur has short fibers, and they won't catch and cling like cotton or wool does. Maybe if the fur was mixed with other fibers?

July 14, 1996

Basket weaving is another thing I though should be included, how-to. And pottery, the basic principles, so that this can be done after the shift. All primitive cultures make pottery, just bake it in a fire, fire the pottery, then it can be used.

Sept 08, 1996

Air plane black boxes survive the fall, are designed to do that, so technology such as computer could be built better if one wanted. Another idea on helping mechanical parts survive is to put them in water, or perhaps oil, as the jolt will be cushioned then. Most computer parts require one not put water or oil on them, etc. or they will be ruined, so one could seal in plastic bags or some such. Oil would be better, or even more dense stuff. But if you seal computer parts, one by one, they may crash into one another when quakes, even when in oil.

Sept 08, 1996

A jell type substances that would not affect electrical parts, etc., could be put on circuit boards, and maybe just rinsed off afterwards, or put out to dry and evaporate, whatever. Silicon is a protection for electrical parts, or some kind of silicon kit, its cheap and electrical parts are packed in it by the manufacturer. It also turns water away.