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October 31, 1999

Next Sunday (31 Oct 99) is a planned end of 3 month time measurement check. This is when daylight savings time ends in the (US). Turn your clocks back one hour after checking with Atomic time and determining the current difference.

The purpose of this project is to determine the long term accuracy of our LCD digital time pieces and to ultimately measure the slowing of the earth's rotation as the 12th approaches.


Okay Mike, here's my data:

PC clock: using, at 8:49:11 AM, -133.348 seconds
Ironman Wristwatch: same server as above, at 8:51:31 AM, +31 seconds

I am replacing the battery in the wristwatch today as well. I'll make sure the time is still correct when I do. BTW, the above times are Standard time. Socketwatch wouldn't have it any other way.