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October 28, 2001

This Sunday (28 Oct 2001) is a planned end of 3-month time measurement check. On this day we check our reference timepieces with Atomic Time, keeping track of any current discrepancy. Daylight savings time ends in the US and clocks are turned back 1 hr. The purpose of this team project is to determine the long-term accuracy of our LCD digital timepieces and to ultimately measure the slowing of the earth's rotation as the 12th approaches. Send your readings to me, so I can update our spreadsheet.


Here's the data (using Socketwatch):

Original PC clock:

-59 sec @13:14:00 PM (10/28/2001)

Gateway PC clock:

Delay: 0.295 seconds
Used: 1 time
+498.803674 sec @ 12:51:20 PM (10/28/2001)

Ironman wristwatch:

+16 sec @ 13:10:00 PM (10/28/2001)