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Keeping Track

For those who wish to participate in keeping track of slowing of earth rotation please send me the following information. Use your more accurate battery operated quartz watches or clocks. Generally these are the ones with LCD (liquid crystal displays). The ones with moving hands are more inaccurate due to the variation of friction of the moving parts. The first measurement of each clock will go to establishing a base line and should include the following information. (note: can use phoned time or use an atomic clock or make your computer into an atomic clock with a utility - see


Date measurement made:30 Nov 97
Clock description:Casio black wrist watch (LCD)
Time Offset compared to standard:2 sec fast
Time Standard used:phoned time at 853 1212

The first time I will request this information on the list serve will be in April 98 during the change to daylight saving time. For more information see the Slowing TOPIC. Please provide the following information for each time piece you wish to use:

Date measurement made:___________________________
Clock description: ___________________________
Time Offset compared to standard:___________________________
Time Standard used:___________________________

Please e-mail Mike directly with the information.