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Jan-Feb, 2003

The following is the results after adding measurements taken on 2 Mar 03 and represent the results of the last 2 months.

Summary: The present measurements, Chart D1, shows 263 cumulative seconds speed up (difference from July 1998 to 2 Mar 2003) when our clocks are compared to National bureau of standards Atomic Time. This is equivalent to a possible slow down of Atomic time because of added documented and undocumented leap seconds. There is always the possibility of some of the long-term slope being due to battery discharging anomalies or other inherent error sources. The hope has been by having lots of measurements (and many different manufactures) over an extended time that most of these errors are minimized.

The current measurements show a significant trend change. I think we can safely say that we have found indication of additional undocumented seconds being added to atomic time. What is plotted on these curves represents the average over the past time frame (2 months for the last point). Thus at present time (2 Mar 03) the current trend could be over twice what the current average data shows for the last 2 months (.31 sec/day or 59 sec/year^2).