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This project has two benefits.

  1. Providing concrete proof of planet slowing. This will become evident with even the worst watches in the last weeks to months for sure. Some of us are hoping we can measure it well before this time. A standard is needed thus one must start now and test these watches to gain knowledge of how accurate they are over time and to establish a base line for each watch.
  2. Those wishing to communicate by radio after the pole shift will need to keep track of time accurately over many months. It may be months before we make contact with each other. We can't be listening all the time or transmitting all the time. We simply won't have the electrical energy. Thus one time per day (perhaps a 1/4 hr) will be designated as communication first contact time. Due to planet stopping and starting - no telling what relative time of the day this will be. Once first contact is made then other more reasonable times can be agreed upon.