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My experience with this solution has been very good. I have used it in my house to cure colds, ear infections, cuts and scrapes. For viral or bacterial infections, I give 3 teaspoons a day and it clears up in about 3 to 4 days. Ear infections I put the solution in the ear about 3 times and it clears up in about a day or two depending how soon I catch it. This is for both adults and children. I take about 1 teaspoon a day as a general tonic and when someone is sick or there is epidemic going around I up it to about 2-3 times a day till it passes. From what I have read, the silver is excreted from the body in about 3 weeks.


About 4.5 months ago I added colloidal silver to my routine taking it in an ever increasing gradient amounts. I am currently taking about 1 oz/day of 150 PPM (estimated) CS. This is equivalent to 10 oz/day of 15 PPM. My body weight is 175 lb. I am working on clearing the body primarily of Candida yeast. Something I have had since my early teen years and has invaded all parts of the body. Candida is very tenacious and fights back with some strong cleansing reactions if one jumps the gradient too fast. I have been through about 3 levels of cleansing reaction. I hold the dosage until flat on reactions then I will go up a little more. Sometimes I even have gone down on the dosage for a little while. I will let you know what dosage I finally work it up to. I expect this process to last another 6 months to a year.


Last time I made CS, I forgot about it for three days before I remembered I was making it. The glass on the inside is a mirror color. This is a very potent batch I would guess. The last time I felt myself getting a sore throat, I squirted two shots (I use a spray bottle) into the back of my throat, swished it around and swallowed. The sore throat disappeared almost immediately.