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Maybe I am overlooking something and can the following be bought in every radio shack or electronics shop. Where can people buy pure silver wire? I am about to build a CS generator myself.


Here's a link for scientific (research grade) materials. They have a searchable on-line catalog. I did a search on silver and found that they sell it in many different forms. Their wire is not offered by gauge, but by actual thickness. I am not sure if the prices are competitive to other sources, but at least you can order on-line and have the stuff sent out to you directly! I found this Alfa Site in my newest issue of Physics Today magazine.


I myself could not find any pure silver wire although I am sure it is out there some where. I did the next best thing. I have worn in my belt buckle for many years, a pure silver dollar. When I could not find any wire, I bought another pure silver coin from a coin shop, took it to a jeweler next store to him and had the jeweler roll out the silver dollar for me until it was a flat, wide sheet of silver. It looks similar to a knife blade after it was rolled out. I then cut strips from this sheet with scissors and used those instead of wire. It worked great for me. Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

One thing I try to do is use what ever resources I have available on a local scale to accomplish the mission at hand. Ordering silver wire from a web page or a catalogue was not an option for me. I decided to make do with what I had available. 99.9% pure silver coins. ( I think I have that I want it now attitude). These are here in town now and they will be laying every where after the pole shift. They will work even if I have to beat them flat with a hammer later. That silver wire doesn't have to be pretty to work as long as it is pure silver.


As a source of silver, I use Silver Canadian Maple Leaf one ounce coins. They are 4 nines fine pure silver (.9999) and have been minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988. You can find them at your local coin dealer or from Monex Deposit Company (800-949-4653) in multiples of 200 coins. They're also handy to have around in the event of a major economic collapse when paper money will be worthless due to skyrocketing inflation.