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icon Optimum Settings

I found the following to be the best or most optimum temperature electrode spacing, voltage, wave form, frequency, amperage, and electrode surface area:

Temperature: 70 degree F
electrode spacing: .2 inches
Voltage: 160 V DC
Frequency: 2 sec/cycle
(this can be simulated by interchanging the voltage on the electrodes every so often)
Wave form: square wave
Available current: 1 amp
electrode total surface area: .75/2 sq. in.

Observed effects:

I use the following general guide lines:
1.5 Min/oz will give a golden-yellow estimated to be well over 100 PPM
(voltage gets down to about 140 volts)
2.3 Min/oz will give a darker golden-yellow estimated to be well over 300 PPM
(voltage gets to a point the light bulb is glowing and pulsing constantly)