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You cannot use Sterling Silver, it must be Pure Silver at 99.9 percent or higher. Who did you get this from and what does the package mean by Stearling[sic] Silver Garanteed? Who ever sells you silver must specify the grade and size because it is sold by the troy ounce. There has to be some kind of documentation with the purchase that states the purity and the market value plus markup price. It should also give the weight. If you don't have any of this documentation take your receipt and take back the silver because there is no proof if it is pure or sterling. Your confusion on the packaging stating "Stearling" [sic] leaves me to wonder if that is the name of the seller or they misprinted sterling as the product.


Sterling silver is not what you want. It contains stuff like nickel (i think). It is not pure silver. Pure silver is 99.9% silver and should say so. Don't let that jewelry store pull your leg.


I would not recommend using this. Get .999 fine or 99.9% pure silver. Sterling silver has only about 92% silver and it is the other things in the 8% that could be harmful. I get Silver Electrodes for colloidal silver making from:

RioGrande tools & equipment
7500 Bluewater Road NW
Albuquerque, NM 87121-1962
telephone 1-800-545-6566 (USA)
1-800-253-9738 (Canada)
1-505-839-3011 (other countries)

Silver anodes
Order number 101-928 this is .999 fine silver with a weight of.45 Troy oz for each 1"x 6" by 28 gauge thickness - cost is about 1.83 times current silver price. Each electrode cost $3.74 in Jun 97 the last time I bought some. It is what I currently use and like the best. One strip cut in half makes two electrodes. I insulate all but the last .75 inch with heat shrinkable tubing. Once this end is eaten away I cut back on the insulation. I estimate the full .45 oz of silver to make about 40-50 gallons of Colloidal sliver of the 100+ PPM type.

One can also get 18 gauge .999 fine silver at about $.86/foot (Jun 97) and 4 gauge sterling 92.5% silver (not recommended) at $7.74/foot (Jun 97) at roughly about the same factor above current silver price. My current understanding is the .999 fine is usually only available in small size of wire. The larger wires are more commonly Sterling silver. This is why I use strips or sheet material. If you go into your local jewelry manufacturing supply company ask for "Silver anodes" used for plating silver. Then check that they are .999 fine silver with a weight of.45 Troy oz (1"x 6" by 28 gauge thickness). All of it is sold by the ounce. I order as a hobbyist. Pure silver strips are also available from:

Academy Metals and Supply
3201 4th St. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107
(505) 344-8323.