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I sit here with my little plastic box holding my 3 9 volt batteries with my attached alligator clips holding my two 10" long 18 gauge silver wires one inch apart from each other in a tall 16 oz. clear glass holding 8 oz. of distilled water warmed up 90 seconds in my microwave oven watching the little bubbles coming from one wire and wispy golden "smoke" wafting from the other wire. As I watch for about 15 minutes, the build up of oxide becomes apparent on one wire and I switch the clips. The build up fades away on that wire and after 15 minutes starts to build up on the other. So I sit there going back and forth, back and forth for about 45 minutes. Why 45 minutes, well because my wire is thin. Could not afford the 14 gauge, but it still works just takes a little longer. In the end I get a light smoky yellow solution with a little of the oxide sitting at the bottom. I let it sit overnight and the next day it is a clear light gold color. I have no way of knowing how many PPM that this solution holds. Based on everything I have read, I would estimate about 15 to 20 PPM.

There are probably a lot of people like me whose only access to something like this will be to make their own little box without the fancy gadgetry that others have and who's understanding of the mechanics is going to pretty basic as far as watching and experimenting with the process.