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Now in defense of the 30 volt process: It is near idiot proof. Can't get shocked. With no agitation and wide spacing on the electrodes you can walk away from the process. You just don't get as good a colloid as I think you can. By the way the spacing would need to be .037" at 30 Volts to be about the same field gradient as the above. Way too close for good water flow, especially if flat plates are used. I have some solution I made with the above 170-140 medium voltage approach made almost 3 years ago that I estimate to be at present about 125 PPM. This has been stored in a plastic bottle all this time.

Plastic bottle misconception: Over time I have found plastic to work just as well as glass. You need to allow about 6 months to a year to get it seasoned or coated with silver on the inside before it really starts working well. Note: I was making silver back before all the fixed ideas came to be published and I had to do my own observation analysis and development of the process. Thus, I don't think alike nor believe all I read on this subject.

Is all of this the final word? Definitely not. I hope others who have the time will improve on this and tell about it.