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Okay, Michel, let's take it from the top. You are using 3 9volt batteries, correct? Okay. Now, leave off the honey for now until you get the hang of what the finish product actually looks like without any additives. It sounds like your silver electrodes may be bigger then the 14-gauge size wire. The actual time needed to make it averages between 5 and 15 minutes with warm water. The hotter the water, the faster the process. Yes, you will see a fine mist leaving one wire and tiny bubbles from the other. There is a build-up of black residue after awhile. To avoid this build-up switch the alligator clips to reverse the polarity when it starts to show up. This will keep the residue from building up into a heavy layer.

Stop the process before the water gets dark and murky. I let my solution sit overnight for any particles to settle on the bottom. I always seem to have a bit of residue during the process, but it does not affect the solution. By the next day the solution is no longer cloudy and has a nice light golden color. Sometimes the color is very, very light, depending on how long you do the process. I siphon my solution gently with a straw as to not disturb the sediment on the bottom. I use 8oz of water per process. I use a tall clear glass to do it in. I put the solution in small amber bottles that protect the solution from direct light.

I hope this helps. Practice makes perfect. It took me several batches before I got the hang of it and recognized what worked and what didn't.