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If a person, or family, wants to try to survive the shift and prepares accordingly, I think it will be important for them to have some books or magazines or something around soon after the shift. With the losses of life and buildings - and just about everything - being so great, the whole experience will be quite traumatic. I really feel people should have reminders of what life used to be like. With everything gone so quickly and in such a horrible way, some folks may begin to delude themselves that there never was a life like the one they had before. We must not forget, as a people, where we come from, after the shift happens. I mean, you can't just throw away your old life and begin a new one without ever thinking about what you had. It may all seem like a dream to many, those who have difficulty accepting the present reality. I think it would be a good idea to suggest to those who want to prepare for the shift to keep some of their favorite books around or maybe a diary, etc., suggesting sticking them in ziplock bags or covering them with plastic wrap or something. Just something to get through the worst of it. in the time when they are rebuilding and trying to learn how to live, they can find comfort in some things from the past.