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As information comes to hand during our research we may - or may not - throw in a few suggestions as to material that could profitably be saved; but you are obviously free to reject these ideas, if you so desire. Having said all of that, it is clear that as regards education, at least in the short term, emphasis will be placed on different subjects and skills than is the case today, in our civilized society. for example, learning the science of hydroponics will be more relevant to the after-time circumstances than will the study of languages; a good knowledge of communication methods will prove more useful than a deep study of the world's literature; and the arts of cookery and needlework will certainly better serve the then residents of the Earth than, say, a knowledge of the higher mathematics. But the sciences and maths should not be entirely neglected. who knows? Your community may contain the genius who discovers the ultimate energy source, thus making the after-time more comfortable for everybody.