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icon Preservation Methods

May I suggest Rubbermaid containers (10 gallon). They seal nicely, are easy to maneuver and can also double as the reservoir for up to 16 tomato plants!
I plan to place these individually in zip lock bags with a mothball and then seal them each again with a seal-a-meal. Then pack them away for later in a trash bag inside a box. This will then be placed in a wooden box with others and nailed shut. The wooden boxes are old shipping containers from a local shipping company here. (4' x 4' x 8') This is the method I plan to use for all the books I have been gathering since last summer.
The simplest methods involve acquiring an inventory of good zip-lock bags, of various sizes, that will store all of the books and media you plan to protect. These should be stored out of sunlight, as UV rays will deteriorate the plastic bags. Also, storage of desiccant material is advised. These can be little bags of desiccant crystals or gel, available through packing and shipping supply stores. When the time comes, and you will know the appropriate time, you simply place a book or books into the zip-lock bag along with a desiccant bag that will absorb any moisture. You might want to single-book or double-bag your most valuable books.