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One of the great tragedies of Humanity is its loss of recorded human history and culture down through the ages. Beyond human-generated losses, such as the sacking of the library of Alexandria, natural tragedies have inflicted great losses on the body of human knowledge and culture. As a result, our dim memories of ancient civilizations have been rendered to the level of mythologies and questionable fragments found in exercises of past life recall practices. As we face the prediction of catastrophic change yet again, we should seriously consider another level of preservation beyond lives, resources, shelter and food. We should prepare to preserve Books and Media that will have the potential to carry forward the Human experience of this era. To the extent we are able to do this, we will achieve continuity, with less having to "rewrite the book" in our recreating viable human existence on this planet.

If each survival community undertakes to Preserve a Library of valuable collected works, chances of wholesale recovery of civilization, education and culture will increase. While heroic efforts to rewrite our literature on clay tablets might be undertaken by a few, this approach is simply impractical. Our best chances lie with the redundancy that will be found in many surviving communities preserving and maintaining libraries in the aftertime. This approach will allow for simple preservation methods that will be described, while also acknowledging some degree of losses due to the catastrophic impact of the elements during pole change.