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On the Air

I don't know what the radio group is doing yet but, the obvious thing to do would be to set up a traffic network or something with the hams on the page. I met some old guys last night who are code operators and they are involved in something called the CanadaNET which is pool of code and voice operators that know how to pass message traffic back and forth across the country on the ham bands. The whole object of this is to keep a pool of competent code users around in case of emergencies. Apparently during the Los Angeles earthquake the continent wide network, I don't know it is called was instrumental in getting communications going.

I am going to take the course offered by the ham club, because there I can meet other people and get involved with them. How many hams are on the list? Maybe they could try broadcasting something and we can see if we can hear it on softwave, it might be an interesting experiment.

Offered by Gus.