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Big Welcome

I had an interesting experience I thought I would share. I went out to our local ham radio club meeting because I was interested in trying finally to get my license. It was so cool ... it is the last bastion for nerds left! It was really neat, they were very friendly, and had the neatest infrastructure in the form of repeaters, nationwide message traffic networks already in place and working, and technical expertise.

This club partners up new hams with old hams and it is the old guys job to make sure that the new person is enabled to get their license. They also have a twelve week course that will get you ready to take the exam. It was so neat I just thought that I would share it with you all. Anyone out there who wants to get their license, find your national agency for hams at or and then your local club. They are so happy to see young blood. They don’t want to see their bands taken over by the government and made into cell phone bands or some such I expect.

Offered by Gus.