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Copper Catch

Concerning the earthquake predictions using AM radio reception comparisons, try this thought on for size: The friction or stress underground creates a static charge. Similar to rubbing a sweater and touching a doorknob. This static charge when spread over a large area could induce a very slight electromagnetic field, like listening to lightning crackly over the radio when an electrical storm is near. Only so slight as to be nigh impossible to measure. This natural charge could influence the reception by altering the radio waves as they pass through the atmosphere. Aircraft with modern navigation and computer systems have HERF protection through shielded wires and numerous grounds attached to the wire bundles passing through the structure, as even the slightest stray field can dramatically alter data as it is passed from computer to computer.

My suggestion is to try this:

This sometimes works when looking for stray EMF around high tension lines. I agree it's off-the cuff, but it costs almost nothing but time and may yield some surprises. Let me know what ya'll think.

Offered by Al.