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icon Cost Comparison at Day 71

Quantum says with 1000 units purchased their price goes to $525. Assuming those numbers we get the following:

1 Year5 Years10 Years
Halide 1,000 watt lamp setup (64 sq. ft.)$275$275$275
Halide 1,000 watt lamp$80$400$800
Monthly electricity - 16 hours @ $.09 per kwh$525$2,628$5,256
Snaplite lamp system (64 sq ft.)$3,675$3,675$3,675
Monthly Electricity - 16 hours @ $.09 per kwh$302$1,512$3,024

Over a 10 year period, the snaplite from Quantum is approximately the same cost as using the halide system. If you found yourself in a scenario where light replacements & electricity were not readily available, obviously the Quantum system would be more reliable.