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icon Day 43: October 21, 1998

Mylar 2 mil film has been added to the other side of the light. The two pieces of mylar are 4 feet apart. The light has also been moved to 28 inches above “ground” due to shadows and growing plants. For the smaller plants, this will reduce the intensity significantly, but give better coverage. The blue LED has been increased to 10% of the total light. This is because parts of the bean plants closest to the light have white spots. I surmise this is due to the plants inability to make clorophyll because of part of the spectrum missing. I’m assuming it’s the blue portion. If it’s the red spectrum, we have a problem with this unit that can’t be corrected. General Hydroponics micronutrient mix has also been added to the fertilizer just to make sure it’s not a micronutrient deficiency causing the white spots.