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icon Day 35: October 13, 1998

Light coverage still 9 sq. ft. Still 3 bean plants with flowers; all are closest to the light and the two closest are 22” tall. The light is 20” above the soil, so the bean plants have started to curve around the light. Lower level leaves on two bean plants have turned white and are dying off. I believe this is because they don’t see any light because of blockage from higher level leaves. Tomato plants are 3/4” to 2” high, the two tomato plants closest to the light being the ones 2” high. After 35 days, it has become apparent that a relatively small distance from the LED light makes for a substantial difference in growth...almost a3:1 growth differential when comparing plants directly under the light with plants surrounding the light. Bean plants range from 22” under the light to 7” on the peripheral.

Tomato plants 2 feet farther from the light grow at 1/3 the rate. It should also be pointed out that throughout the nine square feet, growth is occuring, just at very different rates. The optimum growth coverage is a 2’x2’ area or 4 sq. ft., but it does cover 9 sq. ft.