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icon Day 12: September 20, 1998

No additional plants have germinated. Score is 11 out of 28. When transplanted, 5 tomato plants became 4 so we have 4 tomato and 6 bean. At this point, all the initial sprouts have been transplanted into two separate rubbermaid tubs (10 gallon) with drains and a vermiculite, perlite and slight amount of topsoil mixture. They have been watered with a hydroponic solution as outlined above. The tubs have been placed equidistant from the Quantum Device light so that the light covers 6 square feet beginning today. In addition, another tray of 28 seeds has been placed under the light. The light is now 14” to 18” above the tray, 16” above the bean plants, and 19 inches above the tomato plants due to the tomato plants small size. The bean plants are now 3 to 4 inches high. The tomato plants are barely an inch.