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icon O2 and CO Monitoring

Growth efficiency is also affected by culture density, nutrient concentration, nutrient composition, temperature, pH, light intensity, light composition, etc. With all the variables it would be very useful to measure the rate of photosynthesis from moment to moment so you can see it change as you tweak things. I have thought of using an automobile O2 sensor, which would have to be heated to work, but I don't know if it will have the needed range. I will investigate other means as well as well as weighing biomass produced in a given time period as you mentioned. A microscope and a petri dish would be very good quality control tools to have. After all, that’s how it was done in the early 20th century.


I see what you mean. All I can think of right now is carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are made cheaply and if you burn all the O2 leaving the solution. Monitor CO and smoke by modifying common detectors to measure voltage of sensed amount of gas. Would bypass circuit that trips to sound the alarm. Carbon monoxide detector (to protect babies) sell for about $10 at Harbor Freight tools. There is a link for this on TT. The only tricky part is bypassing the alarm circuit and taping into the sensing circuit only.