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One person can only do so much, there are many parts of the problem to work on. I am presently working on what I consider to be a key component of such a biosystem. I am experimenting with an efficient photobioreactor which uses LED's as the light source. Presently I have a tank and a pump, the next thing I have to do is build the LED light panel. At first I am just using the cheapest LED's I can find, the wave length profile will be far from ideal, but it will give me a place to start getting some experience with the system, and hopefully some useful data.


I think the easiest thing to do is to measure biomass grown over a week or two. Start with a know amount of starter, go for a know time, total up electrical power for LED's used. Centrifuge or filter separate water from biomass growth. Can also use an air compressor or a old refrigeration compressor - connect suction side to boil off excess water - so that weight of dry biomass is measured each time.