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Second Wind

I had just about given up waiting for my lettuce to seed in my hydroponic garden. The lettuce had stopped growing and was beginning to die back. Just as I was about to take it out, it got a second wind and is now starting to flower. I like to say it takes patience but it was more inertia on my part. The Tom Thumb tomatoes have been so prolific that I had to eliminate some of the tomatoes from the stems, it was literally breaking the plants from the weight. Amazing. I think I'll try some other crops for food and seed and see how it goes.
Half a day is one of your problems. They need at least 10 hours of light each day and you should put the light as close to them as possible. Of course you will need to raise the light as they grow, but keep it as close as possible to keep them from feeling like they need to grow taller. Also, remove the plastic cover as soon as they sprout. If you have a small fan with a very low setting, position it so that it makes them move slightly. This will help to encourage them to grow strong thick stems and leaves and not get so spindly.