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Q&A: Induce Flowering

How can we induce more flowering in a cucumber plant, to get more yield without fertilizer? Will the biological clock method work?
Cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers have about the same requirements each. Cucumbers grow best with 6000 mWm2 of light, 16 hours a day.
Cucumbers have little nutritional value. Haven't tried.
I've never had a problem with lack of flowering in cukes so I have no suggestions to give other than to make sure the temperature is warm and stable. Little nutritional value, perhaps, valuable nonetheless for culinary diversity. Shredded and pickled, they become a condiment, sliced and pickled they are also a condiment and provide vinegar that aids in digestion, simply sliced they become a salad topping that helps one to avoid culinary boredom.
Cucumbers are an excellent source of silica