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Nutrient Sources

As this is also a new subject to me, I have ideas, but what I want to do is inform as I go. I have the basic ideas from the wealth of info that we have now on TT. ( By the way, I want to build and produce strictly from the info on TT, kind of checks and balance. Is the info we have for folks to read enough for the novice to eat on? ) If I run into snags, we can research info to fill this gap. One question I have already is "Where would one get the nutrients if there was no store to pick up supplies?" "Would lime work for this or that?" "Would coffee grounds or tea grounds give a certain nutrient to use?" (all hypothetical questions).
What you'll have is soil around you, you're not going to have a mining colony, what you need is nitrogen, phosphate and potash. These are the major nutrients. You also need "minor" nutrients, but chances are you'll get them because you won't have a "pure" solution. Nitrogen can be easily gotten from excrements... they'll be plenty of that. I'm not sure about phosphates and potash.
What about campfire ashes?