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Lettuce Success!

Lettuce just sits in Styrofoam in a water filled tray on top of a milk crate. During an "event", this stuff will be all put away. By the way, the leaf lettuce we've been growing has just about reached the end of its natural life. Growing since March, and picked on an almost daily basis to provide dinner salads for 3, it's truly been the easiest and most economical plant to grow. Now the stalks (yes stalks) on these lettuce plants are about 2 1/2 feet tall, the lettuce is starting to get smaller and seeds have now sprouted in the top of the plant.


This is a fine example of how to re-seed your plants. Where to get your seeds from later, as something must go to seed to get more seeds. This could be very important, maybe a section of your hydroshed can be used for "going to seed plants" (of course you could eat your way there -:))