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These hydroponic companies sell these elaborate systems and now that I've been at this a couple of years, it seems to me the best thing to get is Rubbermaid containers (18 gallon ... 10 is OK, but not deep enough for many plants). Stick a hole in one side 3/4 to 9/10 down depending on the plants moisture requirements. Stick a drain in it (like in a boat) only without the cover. Put lots of earth in it. Make sure the earth is porous ... perlite and vermiculite are best but a little expensive. Get a 2 gallon bucket of water. Make sure the pH is right. Put your fertilizer in. Fill the container twice a week until water comes out the bottom and everything seems to grow nicely.

The beauty of this is other than the light source, no power is required ... no pumps (other than possibly for water) etc. Right now, I'm growing corn, potatoes and kamut on our screen porch. The corn is looking fantastic! I'm not sure about the potatoes since you can't see them. In fact, how do you know when potatoes are ready? The kamut is very weird looking. No seeds yet on that. Started all this around May 1.

Offered by John.