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Milk Cartons

I was at the shed thinking about the setup for stands and such for the hydroponics plants. I came up with a cheaper method to build the plant stands. I am using milk crates and five gallon buckets along with a four inch piece of plastic pipe for the drain back into the bucket of solution. They are everywhere that cows aren't! The milk crates are the support for the plants. If you look at one of your milk crates, you will see that the handle hole is shaped in a half moon shape. They vary depending on the distributor, But the handle hole is perfect to lay the 4" plastic pipe in for the drain.

I want to use old auto windshield washer pumps (12 volt) to pump the water to the plants. It then runs through the gravel holding the plants contained in five gallon buckets. The water then runs through a hole in the bottom of the bucket onto the four inch plastic pipe that will be cut length wise as a drain and back into the solution bucket under the bench.

This a simple way to build and a lot cheaper for most. Five gallon buckets and milk crates are out there by the zillions. Most restaurants will give away old buckets and sometimes milk crates if you ask them and tell them you want to experiment with hydroponics. Most people in general like to help you do projects if you just ask them. Human nature. Makes them feel good about them selves.

Offered by Clipper.