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Malibu Lighting

This is an answer to a letter I wrote asking about my Malibu Lighting system. I asked about using headlights for lighting using my Malibu system.

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 08:46:30 -0700
From: Amy Koller <>
Subject: Nightscaping's Ask Bill

Dear Clipper:

If I understand your e-mail your Malibu lights are not Quartz Halogen. they are a very low grade incandescent - high on the red end of the spectrum. You need honest Quartz Halogen lamp such as GE type MR-16. Yes, the new not over 2 years old outer head lamps are close to full color spectrum. However, they require 12.8V DC and draw approximately 35 amps each. Your Malibu transformer is good for 8 - 10 amps at most.


My Malibu system runs 6 18 amp lights at the present, and is built to operate at 108 amps max. So that is six 18 amp lights or 3 35 amp headlights. The transformer has 108 amps max written on it.

Offered by Clipper.