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Alaska Hydroshed

The inside of the Hydroshed is now clean, though I can't say much for the yard. I have closed up the 12 foot open end and will insulate this wall soon. I have installed a system called Malibu Lighting Systems. It works from a transformer that is 120 volts and converts six lights (my model) to 12 volt. I have three lights up already (couldn't wait) and they work fine. I can get six 12 volt halogen bulbs to work for what I would spend on one 100 watt bulb, very economic and it also gets me going on 12 volt. The system is designed to go along walk ways that need lighted. I will do some research to see where one might get a Malibu lighting system. It also has a timer that you can set for 12 hours on, then 12 hours off. So, I now have an empty shed, gravel floor and three cute 12 volt lights installed. Heck, I might even grow grass in there! Get my lawn chair and sunglasses.

Offered by Clipper.