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You can save a lot of trouble by stringing a dome framework together out of pipes, because you don't have to calculate or measure any angles. The framework resolves itself.

Click on the thumbnail above to see a diagram. You need 65 pipes, 30 of which are 88% the size of the rest. Then string them together as shown in the diagram. Start with the outside ring and work inward.

Once completed, slight pressure on the top should cause the base to spread out into a perfect circle. You could probably make large domes this way, then reinforce each vertex somehow once the structure is build. I've only made small models from straws, coffee stirrers, fishing line, twine, etc.

But with some metal poles and strong rope/cabling, you could build a pretty cool house that even El Nino's bitch ass can't blow over! Just build the framework, reinforce the corners with duct tape or more rope, wrap industrial plastic wrap around the whole thing, then dump on the concrete baby!

If you make a framework large enough to stand in, you'll be able to hang onto the center of the ceiling without bending the dome! (provided you tied enough knots) Pretty good results for no nails, screws, or glue.

Most people's houses are square. Squares blow over, even brick houses have blown over in high winds recently. Domes don't blow over! Build one, or at least save up the parts in advance so you can build one in a hurry if you need to. Why live in a house built like one from the 1700's?

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