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Au Natural

I planted my garden this year around May 7, 97 which is normal for Northern Canada. This summer was wet and cold. It was raining every second day. I decided to let this garden grow without much intervention. No chemicals, bug killers etc. The ground was never dry. The site received full sun from noon to around 7-8 PM. On days that did not rain.

What survived - not much. The only plants that I was able to harvest were: beans and zucchini. However the same conditions without over watering produced much better results (slightly less light they were grown under roof). There was no difference between beans. For sure I will be growing beans. Bugs, deer and other animals finished what the weather did not. From nutritional point of view zucchini has mainly minerals. Corn did not mature and sunflowers. I do get a good harvest from this field in normal conditions.

The seed used was from popular seed houses, nothing special. Next year I will consider non-hybrids preferably from Western Canada. The temperature during summer were between 14 deg C. and 18 deg C. (sorry not F.), clouds most of the day. I do not know how close it is going to the actual conditions but I will plant a similar site next year, with different seed. I am now considering a portable greenhouse made of aluminum structure and with plastic windows (not a tunnel) very light and portable. Can be assemble by one person. Hail resistant. COSTCO sells them in the spring for 800 Can$ (1.4 Can$ = US$).

Offered by Samsara.