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Rotting Onions

The seeds sprouted, they got to about 6" high, and then just shriveled, dried up, and died! Fertilizer, water, sun, nothing mattered. The Scallions did fine. I attributed it to a bad soil pH, not knowing what to think.
Did they rot? What kind of pots did you use? If you use wooden crates lined with screen they should work OK.
Yes'm, they rotted. I was using the traditional clay pot. Wooden crates lined with (window?) screen? What size and how deep? Have you been successful with these or did you see them somewhere?

I don't know anyone who has done it before. Right now, being an apartment dweller, I don't have any sort of garden. I did have an organic garden several years ago, and I kinda learned how to think like a plant. I'm basing my suggestion on the above and on what I know about the nature of onions. I suggested it because that is exactly the way I will do them if I find I need to grow them in containers. It isn't too much of a leap from raised or French biointensive methods to the onion box theory. Thus, my suggestion to you is a logical/intuitive response.

I think the clay pot retains too much moisture for the onions. The wood would hold some moisture, but allow for faster evaporation. Also, onions like a lot of room, and you didn't say how big your pot was. I think something like an old fashioned produce crate would do it. If I had to, I would build my own box, say, 24"x18"x18" deep, and would probably not put more than a dozen onions per box. (The width and length are up to you; depends on how many onions you want to grow. I would have it no shallower than 18"). I'd find a sunny spot. I'd put about two or three inches of gravel in the bottom and use a rather sandy soil (so it stays nice and loose) with a few handsful of organic material mixed in. (Think "loose" and "airy" and "good drainage"). I don't think I would want to use pine for the box, maybe ash or birch. The window screening or mesh would be necessary only if the spaces between the slats are so large dirt can fall through.